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Jan 19 2013

What Lies Ahead for the U.S. Economy?

With some of the coincident indicators used to determine official recession dates rising above their mid-2012 highs, there is a popular perception that the U.S. economy avoided recession in 2012, and is poised to improve in the months ahead. Furthermore, growth in ECRI’s Weekly Leading Index has climbed to a three-month high. Does any of this negate ECRI’s recession call?

ECRI’s latest report analyzes the implications of the recent data releases, including the rise in the WLI and our recession call.

Indeed, it is also notable that, in the face of unprecedented quantitative easing by the Fed and other central banks, the Fed’s own measure of the economy’s “stall speed” plunged below its recessionary threshold in the second quarter of 2012 and then kept falling. Combining such indicators with a detailed analysis of ECRI’s large array of leading indexes, ECRI’s latest report provides unique insights into the U.S. economic outlook.