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Sep 30 2014

Crosscurrents in Global Growth

The year began with broad optimism. Abenomics appeared to be working, the U.S. was set to “take-off,” and European prospects appeared to be taking a turn for the better. As ECRI correctly anticipated a couple of months ago, however, a global growth slowdown is at hand. 

In this context, our latest report examines one of the most pressing issues facing the global economy – China’s growth prospects. Notwithstanding Third Plenum plans for restructuring, China has pushed off reforms, and instead, effectively continues to rely on a model of debt-fueled growth. However, will this be enough to shore up a stuttering economy vital to global economic growth that is running out of policy prescriptions?

In its latest study, ECRI addresses these issues in detail, providing unexpected insights into global growth prospects.

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