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Proactive Decision Making

The information that most everyone watches to get a read on the economy has very limited predictive value. You can do a lot better.

Register and immediately watch ECRI’s Framework for Proactive Decision Making

Consensus views of economic prospects are captive to popular narratives – think pandemic, supply chains and even politics. Those narratives evolve reactively to fit changing facts on the ground. In contrast, ECRI’s framework for monitoring economic cycles gives us much greater foresight and unwavering conviction, without being jerked around by shifting narratives. This feature has been amply evident since spring 2020.

This webinar is geared toward investment professionals and C-suite executives who wish to learn about the unique understanding of cyclical dynamics embedded in ECRI’s Many Cycles framework. It allows our clients to proactively navigate key cycles like U.S. economic growth and global industrial growth, without being distracted by backward-looking headlines.

Review ECRI's current real-time track record.

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