Weekly Leading Index Decreases

ECRI’s U.S. Weekly Leading Index (WLI) decreased to 144.7, while WLI growth remained unchanged at -3.9%. 

The WLI is just one of many ECRI leading indexes, including some with longer leads over economic cycle turns.

For more on ECRI’s cyclical outlook, please see links below to ECRI information that has been made public:

- read ECRI's latest op-ed "A Growing Economy Can Be Mauled By a Bear Market"

- watch ECRI's Lakshman Achuthan in a recent interview on "Global Slowdown,Trade War and the Fed’s Belated Blink" on CNBC

- read ECRI's "Inflation Cycles Down as Fed Stays Starstruck"

For a quick glance at the WLI’s performance, please see the chart below:    

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