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Managing Director

What we do feels like magic, but it’s much more than that.

The value of data, which is abundant in the “information age,” is plunging, while true insights are becoming priceless.

Our insights allow us to predict upcoming economic cycle turns with unrivaled accuracy.

ECRI embodies a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to monitor key aspects of the economy and produce unique insights for our clients.

Our team of specialists has a deep understanding of the ebb and flow of economic cycles and inflation cycles. We’re able to separate the signal from the noise, generating a clear and nuanced picture of how the economy will behave in the future.

In line with our hundred-year legacy of studying cycles up close, we can reliably protect you from the downside, while also maximizing your upside.

Advisory, insights, private research.

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Timely inputs that improve your results.

Managing the shifting tides of economic growth is complicated. It’s hard to navigate when you don’t know what lies ahead, much less how you should approach turning points in growth and inflation.

Think of ECRI as your compass.

Having us by your side gives you the navigational tools to avoid hazards in your path. Instead of being surprised by cyclical turns, proactively managing cycle risk creates a series of opportunities. Shifting economic tides won’t swamp you, because we’ll help you prepare beforehand.
Our team is readily available to guide and support you in managing cyclical risk.

Advisory sessions with our team prepare you for how the narrative will unfold.
Whether you’re on a call with us or reading our private research, you’ll have access to actionable insights generated by our experts.
Predicting changes in the cycle is no easy feat. Our research is backed by hard data and analysis, so you always have what you need to back up your decisions.

One base. Infinite possibilities.

Our truly unique methodology, supported by a century of experience.

A track record you’ll want to see.

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